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Living Earth® delivers. Our fleet of delivery trucks are unmatched in the industry. With a minimum quantity ordered, we will deliver our quality mulch, compost, soil mixes, sand, gravel, rock or stone and more to your home or project. To arrange delivery, stop by any location or call us to place your order. (Residential delivery not currently available in Tennessee.)

Make life simple. Living Earth delivers. Carefully review these tips to ensure a seamless experience:

Call us to place a delivery order.

At this time, the online ordering of delivery is unavailable. Please stop by any location in Texas tor call us to place a delivery order.

Minimum order required for delivery.

To be eligible for delivery, customers are required to purchase a minimum of four cubic yards or one pallet.

There is a capacity/weight limit for orders.
If your order is more than seven cubic yards for aggregates or 12 cubic  yards for soil or mulch, more than one delivery truck may be required. Fee applies for each delivery truck. Not sure about the size limitations of your order? See below on determining delivery fees.

We cannot combine some products as they will cross-contaminate.
That means if you order two or more products, we may need to arrange two or more deliveries (delivery fee applies for each truck). However, some products, like soil and mulch, can be mixed with your approval.

Are you prepared for your delivery?
Our trucks cannot drive onto your sidewalk or yard. Your products will be unloaded in a driveway, edge of yard or alongside a curb. Larger bulk orders may temporarily block sidewalk or flow over the curb so plan accordingly: be ready with wheelbarrows and shovels to install* your products.

Do you have trees or power lines overhead of where you want the material dumped?
Overhead obstructions may limit, or restrict, our ability to drop in that certain area for safety reasons. Our drivers may recommend dropping in another location to avoid these obstructions.

Research and plan your order.
To make the most of this process, thoroughly research and plan your order. If you have any questions, please reach out to us to discuss before ordering.

*Living Earth® delivers but, once unloaded, we don’t install or move product. Need recommendations on where to get help? Visit NextDoor to get recommendations from your neighbors.

Pick your project. Browse our website, read gardening articles for tips, consider your location, season, sun exposure, soil & watering requirements.

Measure the length and width of your project area in feet. Determine depth of your project in inches.

Use our calculator to determine how much product to order. If your order contains multiple products or exceeds 7-12 CY, contact us for more info.

Shop for organic soil, mulch and compost at Living Earth.

Delivering the very best organic mulch, soil, compost, rock, stone, sand & gravel
to your home, gardening or landscaping project.

We are temporarily unable to offer the online purchase of delivery. Orders placed online must be picked up. To order delivery, please call us.

You can only pick up from the site from which you ordered. If you order online, save your email confirmation to show at pickup. Visit our locations page for more info on each site. 

If you’d like delivery, there’s usually a two-day turnaround time. Plan further out during peak gardening season, especially if you’d like a weekend delivery.

Delivery location must be within 20 miles of your nearest Living Earth® location. Contact your store for an estimate if you more than 20 miles out.

Determine where you’d like product placed on your property. Trucks need 20 feet of overhead clearance. Include details during checkout. We’ll contact you to confirm.

Call us with questions about products, from amount needed for a project to weight suggestions for your truck or trailer to shape and color. Come by to check out our samples! 

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us before ordering. Products such as rock and sand are diverse so we’d like to help ensure you get exactly what you want the first time… and every time! 

It’s our goal to provide the best possible experience!