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How To Create Xeriscape

How To Create A Xeriscape

Adding Native Plants and Rocks

to Your Landscape

A growing trend across the US, xeriscaping utilizes native plants, drought resistant plants and careful planning to create beautiful, efficient landscapes. With the right knowledge and resources you can learn how to xeriscape your landscape.

Most people think of a sparse, unfriendly landscape consisting of cactus and stones. They may be surprised to discover that a xeriscape can just as easily be lush and green.

Some people incorrectly believe xeriscaping involves the complete elimination of lawns. However, the complete removal of grass is not recommended. Grass offers many environmental benefits and provides for a cooler environment.


The fact is, weather patterns have become inconsistent. Combine that fact with the knowledge that xeriscaping is earth-friendly, water saving and easier, and it could be a good choice (done right!).


The principles of xeriscape:

  • Sound landscape planning and design
  • Limitation of turf (commonly referred to as lawn) to appropriate, functional areas
  • Use of water efficient plants
  • Efficient irrigation
  • Soil amendments
  • Use of mulches
  • Appropriate landscape maintenance

Enlist the help of a professional, experienced landscape architect

If this sounds easy, it’s not. Planning a new xeriscape can be complicated.

Select your plants and other elements. 

Confer with your gardening experts about the best plants and rock for your area and preferences.

Improve your soil 

Good soil retains moisture and encourages healthy plant growth. Incorporate organic matter such as compost.


A thick layer of mulch will

enhance the look of your xeriscape, discourage weeds and help retain moisture.

Fertilize and water

Two of the most important keys to any type of gardening… Fertilize and water! Water usage should be greatly reduced but it’s still vital to any successful garden.


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